Friday, April 5, 2013

Sunshine and the Monkey Man. ..the man on the moon...

Sunshine and the Monkey Man needed a new adventure. .phone shopping hadn't been invented they went shopping for something. .no idea what they would find just searching to be enlightened. .

First stop was Sear and Roebuck's..Sporting goods to Toys...nothing really jumped out..Monkey Man did like the fancy swing set but the look changed his mind..bicycles didn't excite them..nor did tennis..couldn't carry a ping pong table around but they liked the idea..Monkey Man saw victory. .Sunshine drug him bodily away from the chemistry set..shaking her head rather hard...on the way out the wrong door they see a telescope. .they look at each other. ..Yup that's it..

Still being yearly the young astronomers went to Mouse Mans casa and fired up the desktop. .started searching the web..printing out the guides to stars and galaxies. .they read the guide..studied the scope. .checked out birds on the power lines..and even peaked. .well not say in case they read this. .waiting for night to fall..they hit the zip and chest full of DP's bags of cheez-its and lots of food your doctor tells you not to to the back side of the moon mountain. .

Like the book said the darker the better and it was dark if you didn't count the moon and the stars..they laid out the blanket and set up lab..or camp. .could hear the crickets chirpping..owls hooting..they set up the telescope. .Sunshine called ladies first and gazed into the heaven..couldn't see a thing. .adjusted the eye piece..maybe the lens was dirty..whoops got to take the cover off..when she looked through the lens a new world had been opened up..the beauty of the stars..and they heard to noise..a hiss then..a rattling gurgling sound..

Sunshine jumped and spun the scope towards the sound..Monkey Man jumping up caught the scope Just below his left ear..DP and cheez-its flew 20 yards. .where some people claim to hear little birdies Monkey Man had fighter jets zipping through his fuzzy little mind..Sunshine trying to decide what to the out cold Monkey or find out what the noise was when it happened again...Sunshine spun the scope around trying to spot what ever was there. .again. ..

She runs to Monkey Man..out and down for the count..she says his name..nothing. .she gently slaps his Monkey cheek..nothing..and it happens again...she grabs the ice chest careful not to lose and DPs or ice dumps the cold water on his face..he's up..rubbing his head he starts to ask what happened when Sunshine said don't ask..listen..there it was again..hiss...gurgle. .gurgle..Monkey Man Monkey Man remembers the death scene in Texas Chainsaw massacre. ..nerves on edge they slowly walk around. .again. .louder over by the car..Hiss..gurgle gurgle. .Monkey Man smells fear..then realized it was anti freeze..and walks to the bleeding Pinto. .Yup hole in the radiator hose. .Sunshine holding the flash light and Monkey Man performing duct tape surgery once more the Pinto gets them home..wonderful night for a short time they both saw stars..broke stuff got fixed and the happy pair shares their good night hugs..and one more wonderful day had past. ..Love you Sunshine

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Sunshine and the Monkey Man. ..stealing hugs. .pass the cheez-its..

Saturday morning rolls around and the Monkey Man wakes up with an idea..within an had been a wild week and he missed his Sunshine. he.jumped on the mini and went to the Cheez-it store. .remembering the day that they only had one flavor. .Sunshine loved cheez-its ..Monkey Man couldn't believe the now over 1376 flavors available. .they have cheez-it super he walks the aisle he checks the new flavors. ..Apple baby food, bowl of chlili with 3 jalipinos..goat jerky..chicken soup. .I hate chickens and their little..ok won't say it..liver and onions..just get some originals and hit the door..

Been one of those weeks the pair had been on the run..Monkey Man smiles and thinks how everytime he's down she reaches out and he does the same but really misses the hugs. .when he gets home gje phone rings..its the IRS and he owes $39.53 cents if he doesn't pay they will take the mini..damn he hangs up..he is a minority within minorities and can't get an Obama rings again its Sunshine. .Morning Monkey Man..I slept late and the Pinto won't start..due to Sunshines morning flurry parts of the Pinto conversation were edited. .can you come over and help me start it...Be right there. .jumps on the mini and it wont start. ..walking he goes..

When he gets to the gate he remembers he could have used the front door and saved walking half a block..the gate opens and there is his Sunshine. .she gives him a bigger warm hits him they mean as much to her as him..he smiles as they go to get the Pinto pushed. .Four blocks later..Three DP's later the Pinto comes to life..well half life they were always a step away from life support. .Sunshine shares a hug and a smile..Monkey climbs in and they head to their favorite place for breakfast. ..they park and head for the door..closed for remodeling. .they share a hug..and it a cardboard tasting McMuffin..

Sitting at the table Sunshine says in that sweet voice..sometimes I miss the hugs Monkey Man..Monkey Man just nods and says yes I know Sunshine. .as they make plans the manager stops at the table and tell says if your done eating hit the road we need the table..Monkey Man looks around at the room and shakes his head..empty..lets go Sunshine. .as they walk out Monkey Man does what he had never done and pulls Sunshine close for a hugs..see a smile. .and the missing twinkle..the head out gonna try some go cart racing. .Monkey thinks today's is his day for Victory. .

As they pull up to the fun center the parking lots roped off..With a long sigh Sunshine heads for the park. .a day spent talking about everything. .mostly really nothing but meaning more than ever before..the two shared smiles and hugs. .monkey bars races and sharing dreams ..a day niether would trade for anything. .Sunshine see's something glistening in the grass and reaches down and picks it up..just an old beer bottle top. .she turns it over..its says Lucky..see smiles and slides it in her pocket there is a space on her shelf for the memory. .They Share on last special hugs..whispered thanks you's..a promise to always care for what we share..Love ya Sunshine. .super hugs..almost forgot. .here your Cheez-its..enjoy

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Sunshine and the Monkey Man. .a rainbow on a leash..

Monkey Man was sitting in his recliner thinking about Sunshine. .lately she was wanting something of her own, a pet..Monkey Man decided he would spend his day finding the perfect pet..He searched to papers and online..Knowing how much she loved the puppies in the park he started walking to the puppy farm..

Once he got there the lady at the desk told him just go look and if you find one come and get he walked through the isles he saw little ones and big ones..pretty ones not so pretty ones..he looked every single one..nothing jumped out at him..thinking hard he started walking home..

A couple of blocks away as he is walking home he see a small sign in front of a very tiny house. .Free Pet Rainbow. ..Monkey Man stopped and had to can't have a pet rainbow. .but if you could it would be the perfect pet for Sunshine. .so he walked up to ask about it. .as he knocks on the door it opens and he sees the sweetest looking old lady..rosy cheeks and a big wide smile..She greets him with hello little monkey. .your here about the rainbow aren't you...I have been waiting for you..please come he walks in be is surrounded by rainbows..So beautiful he decided to let the little monkey thing go..almost gave her a monkey fist...he learned it from a Bruce Lee movie. .she asks to sit on the couch and brings out a coaster and cold can of DP.. she tells I know its your favorite. .tell me why you would want my pet rainbow. .

Monkey Man thinks a second and says " I have a friend the most wonderful friend in the world and have been looking for a pet as a present to make her happy. .she is always happy well almost and she is the Sunshine of my life" ..the old smiling lady asks if she was kind and could care for a rainbow ..Monkey Man again has to find the words not the feelings to explain " She has a kind heart..she is always there to guide me..forgives me when I'm wrong..cheers me when I'm good. .if I need her she is always there...she is more than Sunshine of my life she is my best friend "...she says I think your friend is the keeper of the rainbow. .I know you think that you can't have a rainbow. .let me tell you a story..

Many years ago I had a daughter who was I think much like your Sunshine. .she was the happiest girl in the world. .she would light up a room by walking in and she loved rainbows. .many of the ones you see she picked out..any rainbow she had to have..I loved her so much. .She became ill and lost her battle with world was taken from me that day..a few days later I hear a knock at the was the same knock my baby girl always used..I opened.the door and this was there..she opens her hand and in was a tiny rainbow. .So bright and vivid were the colors as she places it in Monkey Mans hand..scared yet drawn to the tiny rainbow. .He asks how do you care for a rainbow. .The lady with a tear in her eye says you don't. your Sunshine you just enjoy it..share love and happiness and the rainbow will strive..Now you must promise to never share this with anyone. .people.fear happiness this is your Sunshines and yours to share. .please call her and ask her to come over. .Just as the phone rings...

As the lady answers the phone the rainbow seems to smile at Monkey tease his mind with happy thoughts as her hears its your Sunshine she wishes to speak with you...Sunshine asks if he is OK. .yes Sunshine more than okay please come to this address as fast a you can..there is a knock at the door..the old lady smiles so big as she goes to answer..and welcomes Sunshine she enter the old lady says I know that knock please sit by your friend. .he came today looking for you a pet..he found you more..Well show her little monkey. .as he opens his hand..the vivid light sparkles in Sunshines eyes..he sees maybe a tear..behind it a smile as bright and vivid as a rainbow. ..she looks up at the old lady and says thank you..puts one arm around MM and gives him a hugs..Yes all my life I have wanted a rainbow to call my own. .You have one Sunshine. .just look around you..Love you muchos

Friday, March 22, 2013

Sunshine and the Monkey Man. ..ghosts and snakes and the golden day

Sunshine knew where an old ghost town sat a few miles from the wrecking yard off the highway. .Friday afternoon sitting in the park..Monkey Man reeling from one more butt kicking on the monkey bars heres that sweet whisper. .Monkey Man you ready for a new adventure. .Always Sunshine. .she tells him about the ghost they found a big vein of gold that ended up not being that big..and how the town just faded away through the years. .Lets go exploring. ..Hugs see you in the morning..bring a shovel and some gloves. ..wear your digging clothes. .

Up at the crack of dawn Monkey Man grabs his gear and fires up the mini..knowing when he pulled up Sunshine would be standing by the gate..down the alleys he he slowed to stop there she boots and old jeans and that wonderful bright orange Harley t-shirts. .big hugs as she climbs on..they head to the wrecking yard..ghost of cars gone past..or that's what MM was thinking. .Sunshin points to an old road you could still see the tracks from the horse drawn wagons. .could of been dirt bikes but the Monkey Man liked the wagon wheels better..They rode up the hills and through the big long canyon to what was once a booming gold town..for a month or so..they parked in the street..

The old saloon still stood along with the sheriff's office and the general store a few old house and the big livery could picture it in its day..gun fights and drunks every place..half naked lady's hang out the upstairs windows of the saloon..Hey it was a gold rush town let's be real here..Sunshine just standing in the street figuring out where to begin..The sheriff's office and off they went..

As they reached the door Monkey Man slowly pushed it open..hinges are old and rusty as the pair get the first glance into the past life of the town..old wooden desk and the iron bars and wooden bunks in the cells were all that we the pair walked through the room..Sunshine thinking of the kind old sheriff sitting at his desk as drunks ruled the town and bullets were flying. .He was a smart old dude she thought. .as they closed the door behind them...

Off to the saloon when Sunshine grabs Monkey Man arm and whispers in his ear..snakes I forgot to tell you about the snakes. .Monkey Man grits his teeth and says what sort of he is thinking. .You remember the shovel..pack a lunch oh and a case of dressed but the one little thing ya forget is snakes..and she sweetly whispers in his ear again..just little rattlesnakes..Oh that was so sweet..Rattlesnakes you say..Yes but just don't bother them and they won't bother us..Ya OK. .like Mr.Bear right. .Oh well lets go and the entered the saloon..the long bar still stands..not the elegant brass a wood bars you would imagine. .just some planks on saw horses..the strolled through and up the old stair case..the rooms were all bare as the wondered back outside..

The livery stables..big door standing open inviting them in..the horse stalls still standing as Monkey Man imagine his mini burro locked tight behind the wooden gates..bite my ass will ya..Sunshine wonders through the barn..sunlight sparkling between the wooden sides she sees a glimmer coming off the she gets closer heart racing she sees a nugget..bigger that her thumb as she reaches for it she hears the distinct sound of a pissed off rattlesnake. .then another. .she backs up into Monkey Man who's was plotting their escape within less than seconds..Damn I hate snakes more than bear or chickens and their peckers..Now snakes coming from.everywhere. .he grabs Sunshine and drags her out the door..

As he is high tailing for the mini Sunshine slams on the breaks..Monkey Man there's a big gold nugget on the floor and she shows him her so cute little thumb..bigger than my thumb..Monkey Man aware of what is about to transpire says and? Please go get it for me..Now Monkey Man was pretty sharp on the old west stuff thinks fools gold..only a damn fool would go back in there and get it..He takes a deep breath and tells Sunshine point it out..she looks inside where rattlesnakes are hanging and slithering everywhere and points..See that snake there ya the real big one..biggest one by far in the room..right by his tail..Monkey Man remembering how they handled the bear says be right back..he runs to the mini..seconds later returns with 11 cans of DP...Sunshine asks what's up with my DP..she can be a little protective of them..Monkey Man explains he will shake then up and use them like a 23 flavor flame thrower to keep the snakes away..sadly she agrees and they start to shake..after about 15 minutes Monkey Man is ready he pops the first can and snakes scatter. .as he gets close to the nugget the big dude ain't thinking monkey throws the can at the snake..when he ducks grabs the nugget and hauls monkey butt out the door..Hands the nugget to Sunshine. .they feel the amazing and heavy nugget..laughing together but separate. .Sunshine with joy..Monkey Man with well nerves. .they have plan and head back to town..

Sunshine wants to take the nugget to the assay office. .for ya youngsters where they buy gold..and see what its worth..a 60/40 split..she found it..Monkey Man took some deep breathes before speaking..about a million of them to be exact so they had reached the assay office and three extra trips around the block before he stopped and said ok..they shook on the deal and headed in..The old guy behind the counter asked if he could help them..Sunshine asks did he buy gold and he replied its the darn assay office ain't it..She handed him the fine nugget..He takes one look at it..weighing it in his hands and says..this here is fools gold kids ain't worth nothing. ya found it at the old ghost town..Lucky ya didn't get snake get along its my lunch the pair quietly walked to the mini and made the slow ride to Sunshine house..she invites him in and says follow me..he had never seen her room before as she walked up and placed it on a shelf..there was an old baseball..a greasy menu from Willy's. .skating tickets and concert tickets..fair tickets...a soda can that the bear had munched..a bobber..she turns to Monkey Man and gives him a hugs..its more valuable than gold its a memory. .thank you Monkey Man...Love you Sunshine..thank you..hugs...

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Sunshine and the Monkey Man...Reflections

Sometimes a story can have many meanings and each story shared has a meaning to Sunshine and the Monkey Man. .shared past memorys that are the same...only in different times and places..amazing how things work in this life. .other story are a dream or a though shared and given freely..other are putting away the things that keep life from moving forward. life as life always will..

Reflections today have new meanings as they will everyday..learning to let go and release the parts of our lives that both gave highs so very high and lows as low as the mind can go have been both hard and joyful. .Life as we learn has control and if we as what we are attempt to change it heart aches and pain are the results..maybe its the years we have or maybe it plain luck that what is shared today is a new and different world than one could imagine..

Having been one then none to reach the point of two sharing one goal happiness without restraints..For those who have never been there you probably will never understand for we still only know its a wonderful place and stopped asking how it works..Like the meaning of the word love..strong yet gentle..will love you always and forever has new meanings..its the same love with understanding. .life was and is in control and we are the pawns it plays try and change what is shared is no longer an option. .hopes are like dreams today..the more you hope the more distant the dream much hope puts life and what is true and real beyond our reach..

Everyday is a new adventure. .the highs are not as high and the lows easily overcome..It is finding life can be comfortable and having an ear..a shoulder a smile...not grasping for the heart strings not wishing for the commitments that bind lives to a we share happiness. .as true and as pure as we can..its where we never thought possible but with the strength we have always shared we again have made it work and work wonderfully. .I share this today as best I can..its been written and tried time and time again..its only touches the surface of your friendship and the true unrelenting and always forgiving love means to that bond that pulls us together there are not the right words to express it..Thank you Sunshine for a wonderful life..Love you mucho
.always and ever...Hugs

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Sunshine and the Monkey Man. ..from here to there without going anywhere. ..

A night at the fair had drained the young pair..a warm hug good night as Sunshine drove away..its 4am..been a long wonderful day..lots of Delta Dawns belted out on the ride home..Bumper car stories and betting who was gonna finish the last funnel cake. .they had bought 6 more for the ride home..Monkey Man puts his Godzilla PJs on and crawls into bed..

Sunshine. .still laughing at Monkey Mans solo of Delta Dawn and the look on his face as she slammed him into the wall was in her PJ's and and ready for a she closed her eyes the days slowly slipped into a dream..a thought as she takes that last long breath before sleep settles in..your fondest memories. .she is fast asleep..

Monkey Man..had tossed and turned. .until the bed found him as he drifted he though of all he had shared with Sunshine. .in the next few minutes he sees a rink. .and a wonderful little girl zipping he sits and watches..the room becomes a mountain. .he see that same ray of light sitting on a red coke a cola create..smiling at him...

Sunshine falls into a fell to sleep to awaken to the funny little boy lacing his skates..she remembers the awkward smile..the first time they made eye contact. .as he lowers his head and heads to the floor. .then she sees him dragging his bright yellow banana car up the mountain. .the determination. .the feeling. .the look as he realized his mistakes..the hugs that always make them better..

Monkey Mans was at a baseball game..there way out in center field was his little ray of fear in her as she slapped her glove. .he could hear that's sweet voice here...batter the lights dimmed and that last song started to play..the waiting as he watches her softly sway to the end of many fine days..

Sunshine was at the same field watching from behind the center field Monkey Man steps to the plate. .takes a high fast one..gets that one you dreams of getting down the pipe..with the crack of the bat she turns to see where it lands and there is the Monkey Man..his bright orange tie dye..and red shoes. .swaying slowly. .singing out of tune. .watching the stars..

As Monkey Man turns from the stage he sees a little boy waving at he rides his mini to his place and sees Sunshine sitting on his and now her rock..watching the lights. .smiling to the sounds of nothing ..he feels those memories rush past as he sits beside her enjoy the the moments ..Sunshine turns and whispers softly. .its a wonderful dream we share. .lets make it last..Monkey Man takes her hand and slowly they walk to the she holds on to the new memories left to share. .love ya Sunshine. .dream a Sweet dream

Monday, March 18, 2013

Sunshine and the Monkey Man. ..funnel cakes and Turkey legs...

Sunshine wanted to go to the fair a special fair at the big island that wasn't an island but was when two old white dudes and an Indian chick discovered it..or so they say and who am I to question history. .Being it was a trip the had to get Mr. and Miss. Sunshines approval they did but the Monkey will always remember the look..Dads have it..Monkey Man didn't have a problem his family could always use a break from him..

So early Saturday morning they packed the Pinto. .and headed north..Monkey Man had never been to another state or a fair. .Sunshine was telling him of all the foods and the rides..the Monkey was getting excited that cotton candy stuff sounds so the got off at exit 317 he could smell fun in the air. .Sunshine had a smile from ear to ear..they pulled into the parking lot..Monkey Man in awe of the smells of food cooking and the noise of the crowds. .the music playing. .the hit the gate..

First thing Sunshine saw just inside gate was funnel Monkey Man had never experienced this delight. .they ate one..then Monkey Man went back for a third Sunshine grab his arm..look over there its the Turkey legs..she grabs MM by the arm and off they go..Now 3 funnel cakes were settling in comfy..they grabbed a leg and headed down the midway..

Having never seen Sunshine dart and dodge through a crowd at the speed of sound was amazing unless you were trying to keep up..Monkey Mans first taste of cotton candy was had at break neck speed as a little boy stuck it in his face as he raced past..pulling the blue sticky stuff off as he ran to catch up..Sunshine slammed on the brakes..Monkey Man some how got stopped..As Sunshine. as big as a as half a watermelon slice was pointing. .Bumper cars..we need tickets as she looked at Monkey Man and began to laugh..face still thick with cotton candy she wiped him clean and went to get some tickets..

Monkey Man stood in awe..having never driven this would be the perfect place to Sunshine comes racing 100 MPH as they get in line she's explaining how it works..don't go backwards. .watch your back..try to smack adults and avoid little kids but if a kid hits you they are fair game..and don't get in my way or I will put your Monkey ass in the wall..He loved her her slightly competitive side..they were racing for the cars. .Sunshine the red one and Monkey Man went the sound of the buzzer Sunshine was flying out into the lead...Monkey Man was going backwards. .I think in her excitement she left something out..just before plowing the wall he cranks the wheel..ah..forward..maybe she did it on porpoises. ..cute little things..he was off to get she was plowing through anything and everything in her path..Just as the buzzer rings and the cars slow to a stop..

They cruise the midway..and Monkey Man catches a whiff of something. .sure doesn't smell like the goodies in the food booths.Sunshine explains that the livestock barn..we can skip that..they ride the Hammer and the Tilt-O- whirrle. .went in the fun house where arm in arm they checked themselves out in the funny mirrors..Monkey Man did a little dance in the long mirrors..laughing the they headed to the stage..Sunshine wanted to see Tanya the crowd gathered and the lights grew low the young star took the stage..Delta Dawn..A song Monkey Man will Now always fondly remember two compadres by..she should have sang it three more times..

Now most young couples would ride the Farris Wheel as the end to a wonderful day shared together..not these last go at the bumper they grab there cars..that look they have shared so me times was cast between them..I'm gonna kick your ass this time as the buzzer rang..Monkey Man caught her with a left spin and reverse off the line. .grab the lead..Sunshine quick to recover was hot on his tail..just as he looked back he sees her take out a 5 year old..whoops the rules are out the window..they they wipe out everything in there path..Just as the buzzer goes off Sunshine did it...put them in the corner. .the laughter. .the joy and smiles as they arm in arm head to the Pinto..fingers crossed it would start to put yet one more adventure behind ya..hugs and high 5's...

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Sunshine and Monkey Man...its not a breeze..Your in the wind..

Monkey Man kicking it on his favorite couch watching All in the Family. ..laughing at the meathead..thinking he needs to do something for Sunshine. .she has done all the activities for him..what could he possibly hits him..right between the eyes..softball. .damn those little brothers. the stars and twitty birds start to clear.. A day on the her his favorite places to ride...maybe explore some new ones..he reaches for the phone. ..yup it rings..its Sunshine. .yes I would love to go for a ride..I thought you would never ask..give me an hour..

He puts on his riding t-shirt and meds..dirty but clean overalls and his new Harley dew rag..gets out the rags and gives the mini a quick wipe down..checks his sun dial and pulls the chrome mini to life..

As he zips down Sunshines alley he sees her walk out the have to just kinda sit here and lean forward a few..she's wearing tight jeans and a tank top..hairs pulled back but those boot..he never saw those before. .knee high pure American leather..he stops and mumbles wow again you look sweet..she gives him a hugs and whispers. ..I was born to ride..lets go..she gets on and gets here feet on the pegs arms around him..he smiles. .today we share my becomes our freedom..we are in the wind..and twists the throttle. .

Monkey Man has a plan..ride..just ride as he goes around the gate at the big canal..down the bank they go as fast as the mini will carry the old rock quarry a couple of quick trips through the much ridden trails..up the hills and down to the bottom just to blast back to the top. .he hears a laugh. .feels her grip as she leans her head back and let the wind do what it does. .

Down around Ishi's orchards to the old county road..twisting and turning till its reaches its end..the old rock house or the four wall the have withstood time..they stop and walk up the short hill hand in hand..wind does all the talking that needs to be done..they step inside. .the freedom of the ride allows a new and open freedom of the mind..its like stepping back in time and feeling the hard but innocent years..pioneers just as the young couple and the wind were today..building a new a better world on mile at a they start walking down the hill they glance back. .I little boy in home made clothes is waving good bye..

Up Whittakers hill..they ride..cares of the day have left..worries are on hold and life hits them with a warm summer breeze..they laugh..the point..they share the road by feel and Monkey Man reaches the crest the green of the valley can be seen for a hundred miles he feels Sunshines awe as he pulls to a stop. .Monkey Man takes her hand and leads her to a big mossy rock..where the breeze always clears the matter where you sit the view is nothing but beauty. .as they sit quietly Monkey Man whispers to Sunshine. .this is my secret place..I have kept it in my heart alone as mine..the wind brought us her..Please share this rock with me..its just a big old ugly rock Sunshine. .but it calms my fears and lifts the bad gives me peace during turmoil. .its now our rock. the wind gave them a warm gust of blessing..

As they wind back toward the town the wind doesn't let them down..they laugh as they find the alley to Willys who is really not Willy but that's an old story..they sit and share. Burger and cold icy DP..words are few..electric feelings still fill the air around them..they look up to where the old mossy rock has sat and waited for this the wind gives one final blessing they hug..knowing this would be a shared memory they could make over and over..Mister Wind was always there awaiting their return..thank you Sunshine for sharing this ride..Love ya...those electric hugs...

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Sunshine and the Monkey Man. ...lets Rock and Roll...

Sunshine had some new wheels..beautiful green Pinto..not one of Detroit's best ideas by far but it was better than the bus any day. .Monkey Man had scored. .his favorite radio station was giving away tickets to the big Tom Petty concert and he won a pair..the young rock and rollers were going to there first show. .and a good one it would be...

Sunshine brought the Pinto in to the station and Monkey Man gave it the works..Sunshine was excited and going to do some last minute preparations..Monkey Man was heading home to grab a shower and try out his new clothes for the gig...first...well after clean underwear and socks was the coolest tie dye he had ever .black..yellow and blue..his most faded overalls and brand new red kids high tops..he checks himself in the mirror and does a happy dance. .he is the Monkey tonight. .high 5's himself. ..

Sunshine had found a sweet blue tie die tank top her self. .they hadn't talked about what they planned to wear and neither one knew..favorite pair of cut offs Ans her Adidas with the new blue laces she had bought for tonight. .she checks herself in the mirror..yup just as she wanted..high 5's herself and heads for the Pinto....turns the key and click...damn. ..runs in the house to call Monkey Man..just as the phone rings and its Monkey Man. .what's wrong Sunshine. .haha it works both ways ya know. .The Pinto won't start please hurry...The mini was flying alleys in seconds. .

As he pulled up skidding to a stop he could see Sunshine standing there with tears in her eyes..maybe a little sad he thinks but my bet would be if she had a shotgun there wouldn't be much Pinto sitting there..He walks up and gives her his best it will be fine hug..and takes the .pops the Hood..checks the battery cables..Got a loose one runs in the garage and grabs a wrench..Poppa Sunshine would of had his monkey ass most likely but it had to be done..cable tight. .click. ..damn it drained the battery. .Sunshine get in turn the key on..put it in reverse I will push ya back and when I say now pop the works..some small normals sputtering and its running. .Monkey Man jumps in shotgun and gives the thumbs up..were off to see a show..

Show was outside of town in a great big field. .as they got closer they could see the lights on the stage. .excited they were rushing to park..all of the sudden Monkey Man points and says park there. .a gentle sloping hill..I hate pushing the Pinto he thinks..they grab there blanket and head for the gate. As they pass through a whole new worlds about to open up to them..they find a nice spot not to far from the stage..just as the opening act comes on..Eddy Money. .not bad short set Monkey Man go some clapping in..Sunshine wasn't prone to dance yet..

As they are getting ready for Tom Petty to come on stage the guy next them hands Monkey Man a funny cigarette and shows him how to smoke it..and hold the smoke..he takes a big old toke and passes it to Sunshine. In a matter of seconds they are both coughing their lungs out..and someone hands his a jug of koolaid..damn that burns but kills the cough. .after a few times around the burn was less..the cough went always and the stage lights got intense along with a craving for pizza..the curtain goes up..Monkey Man knew that first guitar riff..yes she's an America Girl...

Looking Sunshine in the eye and they both giggle..holding hands a little sway they melt into the music. .Breakdown. ..yes go ahead and give to me. .it all.right. .arm in arm they sway..Refuge ..come on everyone sing along..they sang with 10,000 strangers at the top of their lungs..arms waving with the crowd. .The Waiting. .its the hardest part..that true until its behind wish you could wait for those moments over and over..encore of Mary Jane's last dance..they share a slow dance in the middle of a grass field..smiles as they walk hand in hand to the Pinto. .silence said more than words..hearts speak quietly. .as they reach the Pinto its starts right up..Sunshine driving hard and fast like she naturally was heard Monkey Man. .slow down Sunshine. .lets make tonight last as long as we can..she did..on a warm end of summer night. .riding in silence but sharing the world. ...hugs and high 5's forever Sunshine. .